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      VHDCI 'M' Series     click on photo for more information and to order
Shipping Information  US 50 States & International
VHDCI 'M Series' 68 Pin Breakout $59.95
#d-400057                                             #400058
Automotive, Boat, RV & Motorcycle Power Distribution
These Cables have an 'M Series' VHDCI Connector on both ends.   Various Sizes Available.
National Instruments Components
50 Pin
68 Pin
  #d-500080 VHDCI Breakout and Cable Special    12' Shielded Cable
#d-100768 with VHDCI Breakout #d-400057     
100 Pin
                                          This cable and breakout connect to any NI 'M' Series Card
#d-400074                                                                                                                       #d-100570
and KITS

    For 'M' Series: The Male 68 Pin VHDCI plugs into the 'M' Series Card. The Male SCSI2 Cable connector goes to the 400074 Breakout. This is great for easy access to all the pins.      
Current Shunts
DB9 DB25
  68 Pin Breadboard Adapter Assy EZ-Connect MD68 Female Vertical Kit    #d-400032   DUAL VHDCI Right Angle Connector
Phoenix Contact
Power Supplies
NI Connector Guide
Automotive Power Distribution
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