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National Instruments 


The SC-2070 is a general-purpose termination breadboard that makes it easy to connect to all MIO-16

board I/O signals; add analog input signal conditioning, such as filters, dividers, and thermocouple

compensation; and build external, custom timing, analog, and digital circuits.

The SC-2070 board is used with National Instruments DAQ boards for the Macintosh (NB Series),

IBM PS/2 Micro Channel (MC Series), and PC/XT/AT and compatible (AT Series) computers.

The SC-2070 board has screw terminals for all DAQ board signals. With these terminals, the board

easily connects to the analog, digital, timing, and trigger signals. The SC-2070 has an onboard

temperature sensor that can be optionally jumpered to differential channel 0 for thermocouple coldjunction

compensation. With open component positions in the input paths, you can insert resistors and

capacitors for conditioning the 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input signals. A 1.5 by 4 in.

general-purpose breadboard area is also included. The SC-207X Series boards can also be used in

conjunction with the other signal conditioning accessories, including the SC-206X Series boards and

SSR Series boards. To connect multiple signal conditioning accessories, you must use an SC-205X

Series cable adapter board.

This manual describes the mechanical and electrical aspects of the SC-2070, SC-2071, and SC-2072 boards and contains information about installing and making connections to the boards. The SC-207X Series boards are general-purpose termination breadboards. These breadboards connect to the National Instruments multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) boards for the IBM PC/XT/AT, Personal System/2, and compatible computers, and Macintosh II computers.

Only the SC-2070 and the SC-2075 can be used with M Series DAQ devices, including USB Mass Termination M Series devices.

To connect the SC-2070, the following accessories are needed:

  • A SHC68-68-EPM cable to connect to the M Series board
  • A 68M-50F MIO Cable Adapter to connect the NI cable to a standard 50-pin connector
  • A SC-2050 Cable Adapter board
  • A 50-pin ribbon cable


The SC-2070 is not supported under NI-DAQmx, so it will not show up in the accessory list for the PCI-M10-16E under "NI-DAQmx Devices" in Measurement & Automation Explorer. As of NI-DAQ 7.4, the SC-2070 is still supported under Traditional NI-DAQ, so it does show up in the accessory list for the PCI-M10-16E under "Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) Devices" in MAX. The SC-2070 has been discontinued, and currently there are no plans to add support for it in NI-DAQmx.

All the signals from the DAQ board, both analog and digital, are made available at screw

terminals. Each of the SC-207X Series boards is connected directly to the DAQ board by a

50-pin ribbon cable.


Analog Input

Each differential analog input has seven open positions for signal conditioning components. Six of

these positions are designated as resistors, and one is designated as a capacitor. The board is shipped

with jumpers in two positions for each input. The equivalent circuit of one input is shown in

Figure 2-2. The board can be used when the MIO-16 board is configured for both 16 single-ended

inputs and eight differential inputs. For thermocouple and other low-level applications, best results are

obtained when differential inputs are used. For specific applications illustrating signal conditioning

with both single-ended and differential inputs, refer to Applications in NI's Documentation.




  • For NI's pdf on this board - use the following link



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