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   #d-500030  $39.95  89C51RD Solderless Breadboard KIT     Professional and Solderless

89C51RD 8051 Solderless Universal Micro Breadboard Kit 64k Flash 1k Ram with RS232 ISP Programming


This prototyping environment allows you to quickly breadboard and modify your microcontroller circuits.  It allows for In Circuit Serial programming Via the RS232 for your 64K Flash 1K Ram 89C51RD+ 8051 Micro. Before your final PCB is manufactured,  this is a great prototyping environment to shackout your design.  A DB9 Breadboard adapter and a 10 Ft serial cable are included to connect your prototyping environment to your PC.  This allows you to test your circuit modifications before building the PCB, not after.  Flash Magic is the free Philips Windows XP program for programming Philips Flash Micros.  This software is available (see link below) at the Philips website.  The Keil 2k demo package is also great for doing some C + ASM applications.

This Solderless Breadboard is configured for Two Voltage Power Supplies +5Vdc and +12Vdc.  The 2.1mm Center Positive DC Wallwarts are NOT included.  Any DC 2.1mm Center Positive 6Vdc - 24Vdc 100mA to 3A Wallwart will work.

The 1x18 Screw Terminal Connector allows you to connect to 18 remote off of the breadboard points.  This gives you the ability to disconnect the cable from the breadboards during hardware modifications.  This is really a time saver and it allows you to neaten up your layout design.  Disconnect the DB9 the same way by just unplugging it from the breadboard.

Included are 7 different kits:                                                           

  • Qty 1 89C51RD 40 Pin Philips Micro Kit with 11.0592 xtal with 2 caps, Max232 and 4 caps
  • Qty 1 +5vdc Breadboard Power Supply Plugin Kit #400039
  • Qty 1 +12vdc Breadboard Power Supply Plugin Kit #400047
  • QTY 3  630 Points each Breadboard and Qty 7 100 Point Power Strips
  • QTY 1 Case of Jumper Wires
  • Qty 1 DB9 Female Solderless Breadboard Plugin Kit #400034
  • QTY 1  1x18  Screw Terminal Solderless Breadboard Plugin Kit #400037
  • Qty 1 10 Foot Serial Cable DB9 Male Female Pin to Pin #100382
  • Prototyping Parts Kit: 2 Pushbutton Switches, 6 Bypass Caps, 2 Pullup Resistor Networks




   #d-500030  $39.95  89C51RD Solderless Breadboard KIT


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HOME 50 Pin 68 Pin 100 Pin DB9 DB25 DB37 VHDCI Breadboards Probes Current Shunts NI Components