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    d-400057  $59.95   VHDCI 'M Series' Breakout ( Panel Mount )
    d-400058  $64.95   VHDCI 'M Series' Breakout ( Desktop )

See below for VHDCI VHDCI 'M' Series Cables &          VHDCI 'M' Series  to  68 PIN  'E' Series Cable


                                                  Panel Mount                                                                                                      Desktop Model

VHDCI 'M Series' 68 Pin Breakout


  • QTY 1 VHDCI 68 Pin Right Angle Breakout Screw Terminal


  • Pin to Pin Connections. 
  • 1 Pin to 1 Screw
  • Numbers clearly marked.
  • This is for connecting to a National Instruments VHDCI 68 Pin SCSI V standard female DAQ Card (For ex: "M Series" Devices)
  • Each signal line is individually wrapped shielded to ground.
  • Each row of connectors has a ground terminal for attaching the shielded cable grounds to provide ground continuity all the way back to the source DAQ card.


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  VHDCI VHDCI 'M' Series Cables   

    d-100768  $49.95   12' Shielded VHDCI VHDCI Cable  ( 'M' Series Connectors on both ends )   

VHDCI 'M' Series - 68 Pin 'E' Series Cables  

  d-100834  $29.95  12" SH68-C68-S 68 VHDCI 68 Pin M to MD68 SCSI Female Cable  ('M' Series Conn on one side, 'E' Series Conn on the other)

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